Aston Medical Technology Ltd. is focused on medical technology in the form of wearables, smartphone accessories and medical devices, to monitor healthy populations and patients’ health.  Our mission is to design, develop, and market new, patented technologies in the non-invasive device field, filling a current need in everyday life and personalised medicine.

Our technology is directed at anyone from individuals interested in personalised health monitoring to professional users, who will ultimately create a database of readings unique to them through continued use. We visualise such databases to the user through our software or even direct the user to transfer their data for monitoring by their clinician/GP .

Personalised health monitoring




Both wearable and tabletop devices for accurate and detailed measurements of blood flow and autofluorescence.

From idea to reality, follow our progress in developing health monitoring devices.

Our work is based on frontier scientific advances. Delve deeper into the state-of-the-art.

For clinicians and hospitals
Professional or enthusiast
Health monitoring in your own hands