Currently, the FED-1 is the flagship prototype featuring an LDF monitor, thermometer, and accelerometer to produce effective real time blood flow monitoring while allowing for freedom of movement. These prototypes employ VCSEL lasers and are equivalent to conventional tabletop systems.

The devices feature a rechargeable battery and come with a magnetic charging port. The data processing is carried out with the accompanying software. Devices connect to user PCs through Bluetooth.

As our flagship device, this model has had the most presence in scientific applications. Current areas of research using this technology include Diabetes and Cardiovascular disease research.

Q: Do you sell to my country?
A: We provide our devices to anywhere in the world. However, we do not cover customs fees or shipping outside of the UK.

Q: What are the specifications of this device?
A: Please see our resources page for access to the manuals and information sheets.

Q: Can I use more than one device at a time?
A: Our devices are designed to act simultaneously. Currently up to 4 devices can be used in one go.

Q: Troubleshooting advice?
A: Please contact us through our website or directly to the member of our team you have previously contacted.