MFED1 Device

MFED1 Device

In addition to the flagship FED-1, we also develop a line of prototype devices incorporating an autofluorescence channel. With all the previous features, this line adds the ability to record the relative metabolic rate through measurement of metabolic cofactors NADH and FAD. Our first iteration of these devices is a larger-sized MFED-1, which was formerly referred to as the LAZMA-W2.

These devices have a higher price due to more functional channels and extended software application.

Q: Do you sell to my country?
A: We provide our devices to anywhere in the world. However, we do not cover customs fees or shipping outside of the UK.

Q: What are the specifications of this device?
A: Please see our resources page for access to the manuals and information sheets.

Q: Can I use more than one device at a time?
A: Our devices are designed to act simultaneously. Currently up to 4 devices can be used in one go.

Q: Troubleshooting advice?
A: Please contact us through our website or directly to the member of our team you have previously contacted.